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What is Individual Therapy?


I offer an opportunity for you to talk while I listen to your concerns. Together we uncover and unmask the thoughts and feelings which contribute to your view of yourself and your relationships. This enlightening information allows you to choose how you wish to act and respond with others now, rather than to automatically repeat old patterns.


As a result of individual therapy, you may be more relaxed when relating to others and be able to take more risks. By working together, you may feel better about yourself, find it easier to meet more people, form new and healthy relationships, and have more enjoyment for years to come.


Therapy itself is not a guarantee of life changes. You must put in the effort yourself to change.



I assist you in developing the skills to become more:


  • balanced

  • relaxed

  • engaged

  • independent

  • supportive

  • healthier

2010 - present

2010 - present

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