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About Claudia Rhodes, LCSW

I am here to help you improve your quality of life. I will focus on your strengths and help you set goals. I see myself as your “change agent”. People come to me when they are ready to make changes in their life or way of thinking. Together we decide on how often you need to come and what type of treatment (individual, couple, group, family, medication, 12-step groups) will be most helpful for you.


Therapy is an opportunity to explore patterns in your life that are causing you problems and learn better and safer coping skills. This process will require you to try different ways of coping with life. There is no magic or quick fix. Together we will come up with ways to help you deal with the stress in your life.


My main therapeutic philosophy is “do less”. Often, when people come for counseling, it is because life has become too difficult for them to manage on their own. The concept of “do less” is very uncomfortable for many people. I hear “how can I do less, when I am not even completing what I need to do now?” Doing less refers to “do less” of what is causing you stress. It may mean do less yelling, worrying, crying, arguing, talking on the phone, eating, watching pornography, hurting yourself or just being miserable.


With the incorporation of a more holistic lifestyle, focusing on mind (thinking in a solution-oriented way), spirit (including a higher power, nature, community) and a healthier body (exercise, eating, sleeping), life will become easier.


I do not prescribe or monitor medication; however, I do work with many psychiatrists and primary care physicians, acupuncturists, naturopaths, nutritionists and refer to 12-step groups in the community.  I can coordinate your treatment with your doctor if you are on medication, or refer you to a doctor or other alternative health professionals.


Professional Experience


  • Rhodes Counseling (since 2006) - Individual, family, couple, child & adolescent, and group psychotherapy. Trained in EMDR in 2008.

  • PsyCare, San Diego (9 years) - Individual, family, couple, child & adolescent, and group psychotherapy.

  • San Diego County of Social Services (6 years) - Placing older/special needs children into adoptive homes, conducting pre- and post-placement counseling to adoptive families.

  • San Diego Children’s Hospital’s Chadwick Center (7 years) - I specialized in trauma resolution with children and their families who were victims of abuse (sexual, physical, domestic violence, emotional).


Claudia Rhodes, LCSW

License LCS14930

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