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Compulsive Behavior Quiz


If you think you have problems with compulsive behavior, find out by taking this simple quiz:


Are you unable to cut down or stop any of the following behaviors, despite the desire to do so?


  • drinking

  • eating when you're not hungry

  • using drugs

  • engaging in unsafe sex practices

  • buying things you don't need

  • gambling

  • working too much


Do you


  • pick or cut your skin?

  • ever black out when using substances?

  • have health or financial issues related to any of the above behaviors?

  • Do other people make comments to you that you have a problem?

  • Has your tolerance for drugs, alcohol or food increased over time so that you need more of the substance in order to have the same effect?

  • Have you ever been arrested for substance abuse or shoplifting?

  • Do you worry about germs?

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If you answered “yes” to more than 1 of the these questions, you can benefit from counseling with a qualified, experienced counselor. Call Today!

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